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What is it?

Using empirical research from more than 2,500 schools and districts, The Edtech Effectiveness Framework models a proven developmental progression for learning organizations to increase the effectiveness of their education technology.

School level

  • Principals
  • Edtech committees
  • Title I and IV directors
  • Instructional technology facilitators

District Level

  • Superintendents
  • Curriculum & Instruction leaders
  • CTOs
  • Edtech Directors

State level

  • Curriculum & Instruction leaders
  • Technology Leaders
  • Innovation Offices
  • ESSA (Title I, IV) Directors

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Who can benefit from the framework?

What are the stages?


Highly organized and streamlined processes for rapidly evaluating interventions, practices and tools to improve implementation, budget and instructional decisions, and drive better outcomes for all students.


Established and practical processes for edtech procurement, management, compliance, and knowledge-sharing. Strong focus on maximizing time and investments across the organization.


Widespread adoption of technology with the hope of driving improved outcomes or solving immediate problems, but unstructured, disconnected, or inefficient processes. Often described as the "Wild West."


Limited use of individual technology tools, with minimal organization wide structures.

The Framework uses a research methodology to help districts identify their current stage of edtech effectiveness to improve edtech outcomes and spending. 

How can learning organizations improve edtech effectiveness?

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Monitor your progress to ensure your technology and practices continually advance district outcomes, student success, and equity. 

What is it?

The Edtech Effectiveness Framework was designed to support administrators at all levels:

Effective edtech ecosystems benefit everyone:


More effective, efficient, and equitable edtech use supports improved outcomes and personalized learning opportunities for all students.


Save time, improve implementations, and equip educators with the tools and systems to expand equitable access and focus on teaching and learning.

Product providers

Effective edtech environments streamline procurement, improve implementations, and equip providers and organizations to align their efforts.

What are the stages?

How can learning organizations improve edtech effectiveness?

Who can benefit from the framework?

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Through organizing, streamlining, and analyzing learning technology, learning organizations can progress along the Framework toward personalized learning for all students at scale.

Who can benefit from the framework?

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